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How a frog made it into the logo

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

On the search for a graphic identity a multitude of ideas obviously had been thrown up in the air, brainstormed and tested. However none seemed to stick with or turned into caricatures of safety and leadership references.

In My personal journey of recovery from stress, however I had developed somewhat of an affinity to this creature. At some point I then stumbled over a more cartoonish version of a frog that actually seemed to look at things from a new perspective. The way it was drawn, however would make it more suitable for a kindergarten than for a consulting company.

From here I started to search for more suitable imagery and simultaneously to look for a meaningful professional connection between my work and the frog. As it turned out the symbolic meaning of the frog was a perfect match.

Traditionally the frog is seen as an symbol of change and growth as it itself goes through some radical transformational changes. It is a reminder that even though things are lost or left behind during a change, each one is an opportunity to find something better.

Finally I came across the information that in Japan frog amulets are worn for good fortune and safety, hence the circle was completed.

My investigative search eventually also led me towards a very talented young man in Indonesia, who had created the image and completed the logo journeyer me very tastefully.


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